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Chem/Rad Sample Results

Water System No. : DE0000552 Federal Type : C
Water System Name : ARTESIAN WATER COMPANY State Type : C
Principal County Served : NEW CASTLE Primary Source : SWP
Status : A Activity Date : 09-01-1977
Lab Sample No. : L4647452-1 Collection Date : 06-18-2013
This list displays sample/results of all non-microbial analytes (TSAANLYT.TYPE_CODE <> MOR) associated to the selected sample. Results for Microbial Analytes are not included.

Analyte Code Analyte Name Method Code Less than Indicator Level Type Reporting Level Concentration level Monitoring Period Begin Date Monitoring Period End Date
0100 TURBIDITY null N MRL 0 UG/L 0.113  NTU
1017 CHLORIDE 300.0 N MRL 66.3  MG/L
1025 FLUORIDE 300.0 N MRL 0.651  MG/L 06-01-2013 06-30-2013
1055 SULFATE 300.0 N MRL 25.2  MG/L
1905 COLOR 2120B Y MRL 5 CU  
1930 TDS null N MRL 211  MG/L



Total Number of Records Displayed = 6